About Nida ZS Enterprises

Nida ZS Enterprises is an Alberta, Calgary-based gravel transport and car hauling company. We are a newly formed organization that serves Calgary, Alberta. The company's gravel trucking and automobile-carrying trailer services serve the industry. We would have a well-maintained truck loaded with cutting-edge technologies such as GPS tracking. We only recruit competent, trained, qualified, and experienced drivers to safely serve gravel at the worksite and car hauling at your address.

Let us explain why Nida ZS Enterprises is the superior choice for any of the following:

Transporting gravel in bulk to construction locations

Provide aggregate to the landscaping industry

The truck has a GPS tracking system.

Vehicle transport to your specified address

Why Nida ZS Enterprises

We will utilize a gravel dumping truck to transfer significant volumes of gravel. We will ensure that the stones will not be wasted during shipping or transfer, regardless of quantity. They will arrive on schedule, whole and safe.

We are employed in the automobile industry. Our headquarters are located in Calgary, Alberta. Because we are trustworthy, reliable, diligent, and friendly, we will grow our business through word of mouth. We can meet seemingly impossible deadlines to meet our customers' expectations.

Our Resources

Nida ZS Enterprises will own a modern truck and a closed-carrying vehicle. Our truck will be fitted with GPS tracking so that you can always see where your vehicle is. Truck upkeep will consume 20% of our revenue.

Our Driving

Nida ZS Enterprises employs a trained driver in Calgary that is aware of all rules of the road and highway regulations.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Michelle Armour Customer

I ordered a gravel truck for my house construction. The truck arrived on time without any waste of our stones.

Colin Gold Customer

Shipped an SUV from BC to Calgary, was kept up to date the whole time and arrived 3 days earlier than expected.

Yuli Siao Customer

The experience with Nida ZS Enterprises was good. My car arrived in good condition, though a bit dusty.

Michael Kristolaitis Customer

If I ever need to ship another vehicle either for work or personally – I would only look to one company